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Proprietary Trading​

Proprietary Account Trading Desk, leveraging our multi-year investment experience along with the use of high state-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence to provide enriched-A returns to our clients. Proprietary Trading Services for individuals, corporations, financial institutions, and family offices, grants our clients access to our multiple AI strategies to create a bespoke portfolio of strategies that best suits our client’s investment objectives.

All investment executions are conducted by complying with the highest standards of business ethics, best execution practices, and code of conduct. For high-net-worth individuals, our team develops a tailored strategy to meet our client’s short-term needs and long-term objectives.

For Corporations and Financial Institutions, we offer proprietary trading services specialized according to each company’s industry. All investment executions are conducted by complying with the highest standards of business ethics, best execution, and code of conduct. Our Team holds active licenses and certifications as fund managers, professional traders/market makers, investment managers, investment advisors, and more. 

We work as discretionary fund managers integrating our A.I trading strategies within your personal or corporate investment account, effort-less asset management. 

We mainly trade Currency Majors & Minors, Commodities, and Indices (US Majors). We also trade in more specialized markets such Shipping Derivatives, Energy Derivatives, and more.

We charge only a performance fee for our services (High Water Mark) with no start-up fees, subscription fees, or any other hidden or unexpected fees. This is because we are confident of our strategies performance.

We conduct a KYC to get an understanding of individual or corporations investment objectives. Contact us to learn more about investing with our strategies.

Ai Trading Strategies

We integrate Artificial intelligence into our advanced trading strategies, identifying market inefficiencies or price discrepancies in multiple markets simultaneously 24/7/365. Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. The Specific type of A.I. our strategies are designed on is a type III Theory Of Mind (ToM) A.I.  The results show that ToM Machines fulfills its goal: to learn a general model that applies to the average behavior and specific models when observing new agents.

Machine systems are unbiased and outputs are based on pure data and numbers. Our service is to develop each strategy according to every client’s specific needs. We target specific liquid markets which have a direct influence on either their business or personal objectives and design a strategy to create consistent profits and also manage risk exposure.

All investment activities are machine executed, monitored, and managed with no human intervention except for constant systems development from our engineers.

We have developed advanced trading modules which combined create a delta-neutral absolute return strategy. Modules include; Hybrid FX structured Multi-Dimensional Strategy and Alpha Dynamic Replication Enhanced Commodities strategy.


Our systems function through our self-developed dynamic neural networks to provide smoother more efficient performance.

Our strategies have been taught using years of historic market data, combined with current market data. They have been back tested and forward tested and successfully implemented with real funds.

Dynamic neural networks are adapt their architecture to new data inputs in order to provide the best possible output. Our systems train themselves to always maintain market neutral. 

Trading Systems Engineering

We integrate Artificial intelligence into our advanced trading strategies, identifying market inefficiencies or price discrepancies in multiple markets simultaneously 24/7/365 using dynamic neural networks.

Specialized Trading systems with multi-dimensional strategies are designed to stimulate the core of any business by generating additional sources of income, from relevant asset classes which affect the operations of the business within its respective industry.

Trading Systems are designed to function 24 hours a day 365 days a year, maximizing investors’ data monitoring, and risk management. Our systems are unbiased and have a systematic quantitative trading logic. Systematic investing is an investment approach that emphasizes data-driven insights, scientific testing, and disciplined strategy construction techniques to seek varied investment outcomes.

Why Should You Use a Trading System? The most important reason to use a trading system is to gain a “statistical edge.” This often-used term simply means that you have tested the system and the profit of the average trade— including all losing and winning trades—is a positive number.

Statistical Edge, No Human Error, gain objectivity, consistency, diversification, particularly across trading models, markets, and time frames. Lastly it takes the emotion out of decision-making and risk-taking, which can often hamstring investors.

A.I systems are operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a years in order to capture additional investment opportunities where a human might have missed, and manage risk in a more sophisticated manner. 

Artificial intelligence, Neural Networks, Quantum Mechanics, and quantitative trading strategies.

Our systems have multiple constant error feed-back loops to ensure our systems operate properly 24/7/365. Our systems are designed and prepared for the worst, and most unexpected situtation. 

Our A.I. systems have been actively managing assets since 2017, with a conclusion that A.I. acheives a higher sustainability rate with minimum human intervension. Dynamic deep Neural Networks trading strategies provide several advantages over standard EA algorithmic systems. 

Risk Management

Our firm has established state-of-the-art trading & risk management strategies based entirely on advanced data analytics and statistics of financial markets. Indicatively, we do not use leverage; we do not invest in OTC exotic & illiquid derivatives; we apply our “3LP – Three Levels of Protection” strategy to our fixed income, ABS, and other securitized or structured instruments portfolio which is our unique, state of the art approach within our industry.

We frequently run multiple Monte Carlo simulations to constantly adapt to possible unwanted scenarios. Our systems are structures to constantly undertake the four stages of risk management which are risk identification, quantification (evaluation), management, and monitoring. Based on that and on the extensive use of our top-tier analytical software, which has been developed by us, we achieve the visualization and the dynamic simulation of the future behavior of any kind of financial instrument or system.

Thus, we build a model in an intuitive manner by literally drawing an influence diagram of our system. Consequently, we use this model to gain a diagnostic understanding of the system, ask “what if” questions about it, and evaluate alternative designs, policies, and plans.

Monte Carlo simulation is a computer simulation technique that constructs probability distributions of the possible outcomes of the decisions we might choose to make (trades to enter, securities to select, allocation, risk/trade, etc). 

3LP- Three Levels of Protection means that for specific investment types & instruments we have in place special Provider’s guarantees, Group guarantees, and personal guarantees (where necessary to prevent our interests).

Our Risk Management services are offered free of charge to our clients, as we are a performance based company. Risk management is the center of our strategy and performance benchmarks.

Special Purpose Vehicles

For investment optimization, magnification, and efficiency we assist clients to establish special purpose investment vehicles. We advise on the optimal jurisdiction for your objectives and tax-awareness purposes, furthermore, within the special purpose investment vehicle, we infuse our A.I. trading strategy on a discretionary basis and conduct the highest standards of financial auditing.

As a boutique investment firm, we also integrate financial instruments upon the investment vehicle for magnification of the performance and to offer tailored solutions for additional capital. Our main objective in establishing an investment vehicle is to promote investment efficiency and high standards of investment practice. For each client, we tailor their investment vehicle according to their overall investment objectives, short and long-term.

To streamline the process we consult with corporate registries to incorporate the SPV and also grant access to our vast network of top-tier Banking institutions for corporate, brokerage, and prime brokerage accounts.

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a subsidiary that is formed for a specific business purpose or activity. In our circumstances, a proprietary trading desk firm. 

SPVs are commonly used in certain structured finance applications, such as asset securitization, joint ventures, real estate transactions, or to insulate assets, businesses, or risks of the parent company.

There are several reasons why SPVs are created. They provide protection for the assets and liabilities of a parent company, as well as protection from bankruptcy and insolvency. These companies can also raise capital easily. SPVs also have more operational freedom as they are not burdened with as many regulations as the parent company.

There is no fixed pricing for this service, and in some circumstances there is not fees applied. Contact us to learn more about SPV formations and management.

Our Added Value

The fusion of Ai technology within the capital markets brings added value in the most cost-effective way.

Trajan LTD operates using a hyper-efficient investment model integrating Artificial intelligence technology to conduct the majority of our data aggregation, processing, execution, and management. We engineer the logic of multi-trading and risk management strategies which not only function 24h/365 days to maximize our exposure to profitable trade opportunities but also they do not account for human error, an asset management firm based on advanced technology and A.I. innovation through dynamic neural networks.

Proprietary Trading Strategies programmed into Dynamic Neural Networks combined with A.I. technology to conduct all analytics, statistics, and measurements data from multiple markets, time-frames, indicators, and price changes every second. Our systems are conducting tens of thousands of calculations every price change from multiple markets simultaneously. We use prime brokerage accounts, Institutional liquidity providers, and top-tier financial institutions in order for our systems to be optimized for Hyper-efficiency and Hyper-performance

Our Trade & Risk management logic has been fused within our own proprietary Dynamic Neural Network. Dynamic Neural Networks can adapt their structures or parameters to different inputs, leading to notable advantages in terms of accuracy, computational efficiency, adaptiveness, etc. This gives our strategies a statistical edge in terms of adaptivity and time to execute. In today’s constantly changing markets and multiple exposures to risk, we are always dynamically co-adapting as well to maximize profits & risk monitoring.

Trajan LTD thoroughly follows a bottom-up approach, taking into consideration risk factors and contingency analysis first. Our proprietary deep learning A.I. sources data and correlations from multiple asset classes (e.g., Indices, Foreign Exchange, Asset-Backed Securities, Equities, Listed & OTC, etc.), in order to identify the opportunities in the capital markets.

Instead of only being at the buy-market side, we also participate as a “sell-side” provider, given that the A.I. software has already identified a reasonable trade opportunity. Our strategy is completely unbiased, and strictly based on live DATA inputs instead of educated assumptions based on technical & fundamental analysis.

Proprietary Trading Services

Financial Institutions

We hold active licenses and certifications to provide services at an institutional level. We offer specialized services for financial institutions such as Banks, Alternative (Hedge) Funds, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms, Family Offices, and Brokerage firms. trajan ltd trajanltd invest maritime shipping treasury risk management hedging proprietary trading desk financing 2022 1

Shipping Maritime Industry

We offer very specialized treasury services to all shipping companies providing additional sources of income to counter-balance freight rate risk (Income Risk). We over mechanisms to synthetically hedge other shipping-related risks through multiple liquid markets.     

Renewable Energy Trading Services - Proprietary Trading

Renewable Energy Industry

Investments in the renewable energy sector have surged over the last 10 years as the entire world is turning towards a zero-carbon world in the future. We offer specialized solutions for renewable energy firms that increase business efficiency and neutralize potential risks.    

Shipping Treasury Services - Proprietary Trading - Risk Management - Trajan

Oil & Gas Industry

The commodity market is an industry heavily correlated to global supply and demand, where many firms are exposed to periods of negative returns on their holdings. We offer synthetic hedging solutions to counter-balance unpredictable price volatility. 


Brokerage & Insurance Industry

Firms which are exposed to periods of little to no income are in great risk in such a dynamic market. Our investment services provides additional income for firms without additional expenses or the need to lock-away capital, we manage short-term liquidity to make profits. 

Trajan LTD - Proprietary Trading Firm - Payment Processing - liquidity Management - treasury services - institutional investors.

Payment Processing Industry

As Market-Makers we give tailored solutions for firms that conduct a high-volume of payment transactions. We provide the ability to create additional profits from short-term liquidity holdings, and institutional treasury services at a fraction of the cost. 

Our strategy/system does not pretend to determine the value of what we are trading, nor does it determine what the value ought to be, but to produce absolute returns consistently.

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