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Personal Investment Strategies

for High Net Worth Individuals & Professional Investors.

Trajan offers a unique transparent business model where high net worth individuals and professional investors can safely and easily invest utilizing our institutional-grade trading strategies and facilities without the major restriction they impose on your accounts such as limited asset control, long asset-holding periods, redemption fees, and more.

We are not here to compete with investment banking institutions, but we are here to leverage what each institution has to offer without being tied with only one financial institution. We act as our personal dedicated fund manager, circumventing major hedge fund fees and long lock-in periods.

We advise which institutions are superior for the necessary services,  financial products, and instruments. The system we have created gives each individual investor direct access to top-tier financial institutions for professional brokerage accounts, access to asset growth instruments such as Lombard loans, and live real-time monitoring, analytics, and access to their funds to withdraw or increase assets under management, giving each individual their own digital asset management firm, including the option to onboard their own assets from friends or family.

Personal Investment strategies - High Net Worth Individual

wealth management

With over 20 years in the investment banking and private banking industry as senior positions, we offer high-end wealth management services to our UHNWI clients.

Tax optimization

Development of efficient tax optimized investment solutions through the integration of special purpose  investment vehicles and proper cash management.

bespoke solutions

In our mission to provide added value, we offer bespoke solutions which enrich investment returns, maximize investment efficiency, and sustainability. 

How to Invest


Know Your Customer (KYC)

Initially, we conduct a standard KYC practice to get a full understanding of the individual investor and determine whether our investment strategies match their objectives. We then discover, with streamlined surveys, each individual’s risk tolerance and investment profile based on their objectives and knowledge of the capital markets. Following the above, we develop a Client Investment Mandate which states the short-term and long-term client objectives, which thereon determine the strategy inputs.


Account & Strategy Setup

We work with the client’s bank or broker and set the strategy on their investment account. We never accept funds from our clients, funds are always kept in their bank or brokerage accounts. This is for reasons of security and to optimize investors’ flexibility in withdrawing or increasing AUM. In the circumstances, a client’s current bank does not offer brokerage services or their fees are above industry standards we shall recommend a top-tier bank or broker according to your needs to open a personal investment account or prime brokerage account.


Zero Commitment

If you’re not happy with our results, you may terminate or re-adjust your trading strategy at any time without additional fees. Our firm receives only a commission for successful trading on your account. At the end of each calendar month, we fix the profit at a certain level and form an invoice to the client. Based on this invoice, you transfer to our part of the profit that was earned on your account with the use of our A.I. Software – This is called a Performance Fee.


Monitor Trading Live

We only have the right to execute trades based on a specific strategy selected by the client. Our strategy & trades are monitored live through clients banks e-banking platform or through their brokers MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. Trades are conducted 24 hours a day 365 days a year to maximize investors returns, with position holding periods of 12 hours -72 hours to minimize account drawdowns. Our main focus is the preservation of capital therefore we do not trade all capital, and maintain very low margins. 


Our Commitment

If for any reason a loss has been recorded at the end of the month, we will not charge the performance fee until the loss is completely recovered by us. Therefore, our firm, as well as you, are interested in stable, profitable trading and minimizing possible drawdown. We do not buy and hold, therefore all trades are protected with our A.I. risk management systems to calculate ideal stop-loss therefore drawdowns can be quickly recovered. 

Start Investing Now

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Our Company Values

Inspire Integrity in the Capital Markets


At Trajan, we conduct business at the hights levels of business ethics and are not only compliance-focused. We promote and integrate ethics within our firm not only as a code of conduct but as a culture built on ethics.


Our business model was designed from the ground up to promote and maintain integrity in the capital markets. We conduct all our services with independence and objectivity to provide the best solutions for our clients.  


The capital markets are constantly evolving and adapting as time progresses. We integrate the latest advancements in technology to inspire sustainability as time progresses, always in our client’s favor.

Trading is our Expertise

We have created a “ Trading Desk” (Income Generator) which mainly focuses on temporary liquidity and pricing discrepancies across the financial markets. Instead of only being at the buy-market side, we also participate as a “sell- side” provider, given that we have already identified a reasonable trade opportunity. Our purpose is to create above the average returns, compared to traditional asset classes & investment benchmarks, risk-adjusted. 

Based on that, we deploy the highest standards of our industry in terms of business and financial due diligence, compliance, and risk management. Business analytics through artificial intelligence software along with our highly proactive approach, as well as the continuous monitoring and evaluation of the internal and external environment, help us to achieve the optimum level of operation.

The Proprietary Trading Desk mainly invests in currencies, money markets & commodities. Our traders have access to sophisticated artificial intelligence software and pools of information to help them make critical decisions and implement future strategies, also utilize various strategies such as index arbitrage, global macro-trading, and volatility trading to maximize returns. 

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