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As technology continues to improve and reduce costs, the use of direct indexation, fractional shares, and overlays to customize portfolios will allow for improved tax efficiency, customized ESG overlays, and low-cost thematic baskets, thus accelerating the fund industry’s path towards obsolescence. Stitching together best-of-breed components to create hyper-efficient operating models will achieve lower operating costs and greater operational flexibility and, by freeing up resources, the ability to focus on differentiating core investment capabilities for our institutional investors and family offices.

In an industry that is increasingly commoditized, and investors focused so intently on cost, we also look to create more differentiated products and focus on delivering better experiences. We take a fresh approach to how they interact with our clients and begin redesigning end-to-end client journeys not just to showcase functional competence but to elicit senses of purpose, community, and even joy.

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Asset management

Asset Management services with the integration of artificial intelligence and neural network systems to provide cutting-edge systematic strategies.

Discretionary Fund Managers

Fund Distribution services for alternative investment strategies and solutions under-regulated firms. Our strategies provide high liquidity and stable returns.

Investment Advisory

Application of our multi-year investment banking experience for high-end investment advisory services tailored for each institution’s objectives.

Risk management

With over 26 years in the financial markets, we have developed leading risk management tools and systems for corporations to be prepared for the unexpected.

Treasury Services

Virtual treasury desk services through synthetic A.I. trading exploiting short-term liquidity to generate profits with long-term ledger growth and management.

bespoke solutions

In our mission to provide added value, we offer bespoke solutions which enrich investment returns, maximize investment efficiency, and sustainability. 

Risk Management Performance

Integrating artificial intelligence and computer-powered systems gives our strategy the ability to calculate multiple quantified risk factors within several correlated markets simultaneously, in order to give a precise indication of current market conditions. 

We are not attempting to predict the future with proper risk management, instead, we always remain market-neutral and make risk-adjusted profits when short-term opportunities can be exploited, and long-term trends profited until its end.   

Many question our strategy’s tolerance and sustainability to a severe down-trending market, just to answer that we have an unbiased strategy, meaning we profit just as much from a strong up-trending market (Bull Market) than a strong down-trending  Market.

Key Highlights
Standard Deviation
2021 Return:
+ 32.91%
Average Account Liquidity:
~ 90 %
Sharpe Ratio

Our Company Values

Inspire Integrity in the Capital Markets


At Trajan, we conduct business at the hights levels of business ethics and are not only compliance-focused. We promote and integrate ethics within our firm not only as a code of conduct but as a culture built on ethics.


Our business model was designed from the ground up to promote and maintain integrity in the capital markets. We conduct all our services with independence and objectivity to provide the best solutions for our clients.  


The capital markets are constantly evolving and adapting as time progresses. We integrate the latest advancements in technology to inspire sustainability as time progresses, always in our client’s favor.

Active Licenses held by Shareholders

Our team holds active licenses and certifications from the most reputable regulatory institutions globally. 

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“Markets are not efficient or orderly. They are an endless battleground. Opposing views fight each other to a standstill until one side eventually prevails and surges ahead. The the emergence of price trends often reflects the end of a battle”.

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Artificial Intellignece Systems

Systematic Trading deployed through dynamically adaptive deep neural networks

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