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TRAJAN Ltd is an Institutional FinTech firm revolutionizing the wealthtech sector by specialized in the development of advanced trading strategies and artificial intelligence tools for the capital markets. A dedicated team with over 26 years of experience in proprietary trading, software development, & engineering by using machine learning & deep learning algorithms which combined have created an artificial neural network designed to execute a portfolio of multiple absolute-return trading strategies. We have designed an artificial intelligence trading system containing an artificial deep neural network for each trading strategy, which we there on combine all the strategies into a multi-dimensional portfolio of advanced trading strategies inter-connected through an artificial dynamic deep neural network.

Trajan LTD is managed by a team of fully regulated Asset Managers, Investment Advisors, Fund Managers, Market-Makers, Financial & Data Analysts, Full Stack-Developers, and professional traders holding multiple certifications and licenses from the most reputable regulatory firms internationally. Our team develops adaptive trading strategies executed by artificial intelligence to create a dynamic neural network system that never sleeps, for pure results and a more smooth performance curve. Through advanced technology, we focus our attention on risk management benchmarking, such as maintaining a low standard deviation, high account liquidity, High Sharpe Ratio, and always maintaining a delta-neutral position which therefore optimizes our strategy for risk-adjusted returns. 

Company Values

Fund Managers that Inspire Integrity in the Capital Markets


At Trajan, we conduct business at the hights levels of business ethics and are not only compliance-focused. We promote and integrate ethics within our firm not only as a code of conduct but as a culture built on ethics.


Our business model was designed from the ground up to promote and maintain integrity in the capital markets. We conduct all our services with independence and objectivity to provide the best solutions for our clients.  


The capital markets are constantly evolving and adapting as time progresses. We integrate the latest advancements in technology to inspire sustainability as time progresses, always in our client’s favor.

Proprietary Trading is our Expertise

We have created a “ Trading Desk” (Income Generator) which mainly focuses on temporary liquidity and pricing discrepancies across the financial markets. Instead of only being at the buy-market side, we also participate as a “sell- side” provider, given that we have already identified a reasonable trade opportunity. Our purpose is to create above the average returns, compared to traditional asset classes & investment benchmarks, risk-adjusted. 

Based on that, we deploy the highest standards of our industry in terms of business and financial due diligence, compliance, and risk management. Business analytics through artificial intelligence software along with our highly proactive approach, as well as the continuous monitoring and evaluation of the internal and external environment, help us to achieve the optimum level of operation.

The Proprietary Trading Desk mainly invests in currencies, money markets & commodities. Our traders have access to sophisticated artificial intelligence software and pools of information to help them make critical decisions and implement future strategies, also utilize various strategies such as index arbitrage, global macro-trading, and volatility trading to maximize returns. 

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Active Licenses held by Shareholders

Our team holds active licenses and certifications from the most reputable regulatory institutions globally. 

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Our strategy/system does not pretend to determine the value of what we are trading, nor does it determine what the value ought to be, but to produce absolute returns consistently.

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Artificial Intelligence Systems

Systematic Trading deployed through dynamically adaptive deep neural networks

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