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Proprietary Algorithmic Trading is in our DNA.

Our team consists of professional and licensed fund managers, proprietary traders, and market makers. We combine our expertise with a dedicated IT department which infused our strategies into AI Neural Network systems for complete trading and risk management automation. 

No. 1 Automated trading system

TRAJAN has developed a proprietary automated trading system designed and created by certified market makers and fund managers to provide an automated absolute return strategy executed through our self-developed neural network AI systems.

Institutional Quantitative Strategies

Our systems execute a multiple quantitative strategies combined through multiple markets using sophisticated risk management strategies and strict policies.

100% Automated AI Systems

Our systems operate 24 hours a day - 5 days a week, as long as the markets are open our systems are looking for investment opportunities and quantifying risk at each price change.

Licensed & Certifed Fund Managers

Our systems are built and managed by licensed and certified fund managers, investment advisors, and market makers.

How It works

Open Account with Desired Broker

Open your investment account at any regulated broker of your choice as long as they offer MT4 services.

Discretionary Account Managers

We operate as discretionary asset managers, deploying our AI systems within your own trading account.

Performance Fee

We charge only performance fees for our services above a predefined threshold and high-water mark standards.

Highly Liquid - Monthly Liquidity.

Our systems are designed to preserve capital using advanced risk management strategies to always maintain high liquidity and low margins.

Get The Demo

Run our AI systems on your trading account for 30-Days Free.

Disclaimer: The demo offerd is for professional investors, institutional investors, and qualified investors exclusively, and each application will be subject to review of the suitability of our strategies based on each invididual or entities creditials and knowledge of capital markets and advanced trading strategies. 

About Us

Dedicated to provide added value to your investments from day one.

Trajan is an AI-based fintech firm specializing in Asset Management with the main focus on the development of hyper-efficient multi-investment strategies utilizing advanced technologies and quantitative models within the capital markets. Our strategies are integrated within dynamic deep neural networks which are dynamically adaptive, unbiased/data-driven, and execute with systemic logic. We do not profit from fundamental or technical analysis, We profit from buying and selling, only price dictates reality.  

Trajan Investment Strategy Proprietary Ai Trading

Our purpose is to provide institutional-grade proprietary trading services through the latest technology available today to a broader range of qualified participants. We undertake each client’s objectives as individual projects providing bespoke solutions according to their needs and objectives. Our team of licensed asset managers, investment advisors, fund Managers, market-makers, and professional traders develop dynamically adaptive strategies and have artificial intelligence execute to create an unaffected system for pure results. 

We work directly with our client’s desired broker or bank, and integrate our A.I. Trading systems within their accounts. We need hold or maintain client’s funds in order to create a free-flow of capital for its participants. The client always has full control and possession of their investment account increasing or withdrawing funds at their own will. Our model synthetically acts as each client’s own asset management firm, its main purpose to generate wealth according to each clients’ short-term and long-term objectives and goals. 

Millions of calculations per second, a system that never sleeps.
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Individual Investors

Asset Management Services for H.N.W.I

Trajan LTD - Proprietary Trading Firm - Asset Management - Ai Trading - Algorithmic auto trading

Corporate Investors

Asset Management For Corporate Investors & Treasury

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Institutional & Family Office

Proprietary Trading Services for Financial Institutions.

We offer specialized bespoke services and solutions according to each client's category, industry, and objective.

Our Services

We comply with the highest code of standards and ethics when conducting our services.

Proprietary Trading

Proprietary Account Trading Desk, leveraging our multi-year investment experience along with the use of high state-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence to provide enriched-A returns.

A.I. Trading Strategies

We integrate Artificial intelligence into our advanced trading strategies, identifying market inefficiencies or price discrepancies in multiple markets simultaneously 24/7/365.

Trading Systems Engineering

By using machine learning & deep learning algorithms, combined have created an artificial dynamic neural network engineered to create an absolute return strategy.

Risk Manangement

Our firm has established state-of-the-art trading & risk management strategies based entirely on advanced data analytics and statistics of financial markets.

Investment Vehicles

Establish an investment vehicle for your assets to create a hyper-efficient and a tax-optimized SPV. We provide tailored solutions according to each client's objectives.


Financial Institutions

We hold active licenses and certifications to provide services at an institutional level. We offer specialized services for financial institutions such as Banks, Alternative (Hedge) Funds, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms, Family Offices, and Brokerage firms.


Shipping Maritime Industry

We offer very specialized treasury services to all shipping companies providing additional sources of income to counter-balance freight rate risk (Income Risk). We over mechanisms to synthetically hedge other shipping-related risks through multiple liquid markets.     

Renewable Energy Trading Services - Proprietary Trading

Renewable Energy Industry

Investments in the renewable energy sector have surged over the last 10 years as the entire world is turning towards a zero-carbon world in the future. We offer specialized solutions for renewable energy firms that increase business efficiency and neutralize potential risks.    

Shipping Treasury Services - Proprietary Trading - Risk Management - Trajan

Oil & Gas Industry

The commodity market is an industry heavily correlated to global supply and demand, where many firms are exposed to periods of negative returns on their holdings. We offer synthetic hedging solutions to counter-balance unpredictable price volatility. 


Brokerage & Insurance Industry

Firms which are exposed to periods of little to no income are in great risk in such a dynamic market. Our investment services provides additional income for firms without additional expenses or the need to lock-away capital, we manage short-term liquidity to make profits. 

Trajan LTD - Proprietary Trading Firm - Payment Processing - liquidity Management - treasury services - institutional investors.

Payment Processing Industry

As Market-Makers we give tailored solutions for firms that conduct a high-volume of payment transactions. We provide the ability to create additional profits from short-term liquidity holdings, and institutional treasury services at a fraction of the cost. 

Top-Tier Financial Institutions around the World.

We work only with industry-leading financial institutions around the world to provide the highest standards of security and professionalism to our clients. We offer direct access to prime brokerage accounts, lending facilities, lombard loans, private banking services, and more.   

Proprietary Trading Services - Asset Management - Fund Manager - Trajan - Investors
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